Salute To An Old Friend

I’d like to take a moment to congratulate an old friend on an amazing career!  I recently had a chance to read about him and the 13 patents and 2 publications and tons of (well-deserved) accolades he has received in his career.  Absolutely awesome!  I thought I would share a photo from days long ago …..

Mark/Buffalo, NY
Mark/Buffalo, NY

Moving The Needle

I’m now in full marketing mode (although I’d much prefer to be in full writing mode) — in an effort to move the needle in the sales of my books.  (Have you read them?)

Six weeks ago, I purchased some space on Kindle Nation Daily and the ad recently ran for three consecutive days.  Good exposure, and a few sales made.  Now the search will continue for another worthy source with a wide reach — wish me luck!

For those who haven’t read my books, you can download them from Amazon in the Kindle store.  Need an app?  Amazon will let you download the Kindle app for free.  So, you see?  You’re only a few clicks away from taking the journey!

Here they are in order:



Zurich Legacy


Happy reading wherever you might be this holiday weekend!



Another Mighty Fine Wine!

For all my wine loving friends (and believe me, I have many!) — and especially to those Sauvignon Blanc lovers ….. this recent discovery was a total delight!

A big YAY for this 2013 vintage from Chile!  Buen Vino!!!


Sauvignon Blanc
Sauvignon Blanc

Did Our Justice System Do Its Job?

As I performed my chores today, my mind kept wandering back to the now-known fate of Dzhokar Tsarnaev — one of two “Boston Bombers.”  Was it a just trial?  Twelve jurors thought so when they handed down the verdict and sentenced him to death.  But, any time we talk about the death penalty, it becomes more about whether we as a society have a right to take someone’s life.  Some consider that to be barbaric.  I’m not one of them.  “Barbaric” by definition means “savagely cruel; exceedingly brutal.”  Sounds exactly like the actions  Tsarvaev and his brother took that awful day in Boston.

Is it a fair sentence?  Who says we have to be fair to a convicted murderer in order to live as a civilized society?  Was he fair to his victims?

Some are concerned with the near-certainty that he will appeal the decision — a process that could drag on for 10 years.  I say, let him.  At least we know where he is — and that he can no longer end lives — or forever change the lives of other innocent victims.

The way I see it, I think our justice system did a fine job ….


I wonder why it is that we don’t pause more often to look around ourselves and appreciate what we hold so dear to our hearts? OK, maybe some of you can do it on a regular basis, but for the rest of us that feel like we’re being hurtled through life at warp speeds, well, let’s just say we’re working on it ….

Today is my husband’s birthday and it has caused me to stop and reflect on just how far we’ve come.  While we packed the day in with lots of things to smile about, it is just that — his smile — that always fills me with love.







Happy Birthday, honey … may you always be filled with beautiful reflections!