Summer Is Here!

Now that summer is upon us — and I think I can officially say that, given that my car thermometer registered 116 degrees while driving the other day — it was time to think about a new light summer wine.

A quick trip to Trader Joe’s was in order in the late afternoon yesterday, trying to beat the inevitable dust storm now that we are officially in Monsoon Season in the desert Southwest!

They have a marvelous selection of wines!  I picked out a new Pinot Grigio by the name of Venetian Moon.  It is vinted and bottled by the Trader Moon Wine Co. out of Manteca, California.  It was a light white vintage from 2013.

I must say it was good as a sipping wine (preparing dinner) as it was with the dinner (fresh vegetable, chicken and white bean soup with a spice swirl and Artisian bread).  I was quite impressed — and, of course, wanted to share this with all of my wine friends (you know who you are!).

Look for this the next time you’re in TJ’s — I know you’ll love it!

Stay cool out there ….


About Honor In Life

As I scanned the headlines in Reuters today, I was drawn to slides posted from the USS Theodore Roosevelt, a U.S. aircraft carrier commissioned in October of 1986.  It now sits in the waters of the Gulf near Bahrain.  Officially, it is there to ensure that the shipping lanes remain open and free to travel.  Unofficially, of course, it is there to show a signal of strength to the inhabitants of a restless and chaotic region.

As many of you know, my/our first book, Esperance, was centered around a very real U.S. Naval ship christened as the USS Boise.  She was a light cruiser who, along with other ships in the area, fought a daring and dramatic battle in the darkness of one night in October of 1942, off the Cape of Esperance in Guadalcanal.  While the journey of this great ship was entirely accurate (and took 7 years of research to accomplish), the Captain and crew of that ship were entirely figments of my and my husband’s imaginations — except for one person — a Machinist Mate by the name of Bobby Blunt.  He had only a cameo role in Esperance, but he had a leading role in my life.

Tomorrow is Father’s Day and I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge all those great fathers out there that lived an honorary and exemplary life and became the largest hero a son or daughter would ever have.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad!Dad US NavyRobert H. Blunt – July 1921-January 2005, U.S. Navy


Six Days for Survival

Today, I was reminded that long ago — 1967 in fact — the Six Day War took place in the Middle East (June 5 – 10).  At a time when Israel was in a struggle for its very existence, Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon posed on her borders with 465,000 troops, 2,800 tanks and 800 aircraft.  Strong and provocative words were heard throughout the Middle East.  But perhaps, the most ominous came from the then-President of Egypt, Gamal Abdel Nassar:  “… In other words, we aim at the destruction of the state of Israel.  The immediate aim: perfection of Arab military might.  The national aim: the eradication of Israel.”

On June 5, Israel could wait no longer, fearing it would not survive what was surely an imminent attack.  Early that June morning, the entire Israeli Air Force (except for 12 fighters left to guard Israeli air space) took to the skies.  Two hours later — 300 Egyptian aircraft were destroyed.  By day’s end — almost all of Egyptian and Jordanian air forces (and half of Syria’s) were destroyed.  Israel had defended its borders with a highly-successful preemptive attack.

By then, the fierce battles had attracted the attention of the Soviets who threatened to intervene.  The U.S., who politically had taken a back seat position, strongly urged Israel to agree to a cease fire.  It did so on June 10, 1967.