A Message of Hope, Inspiration and Perserverance

From the beginning of his election and his presence to us on the world stage, Pope Francis proved that he was not anything remotely similar to his predecessors. He walked the streets, washed homeless people’s feet, mingled freely with the crowds who came to see him and, above all, he spoke his mind.

As he addressed our Congress this week, I was fascinated by the scope of his comments.  So much to address, and yet, he was most succinct at driving home his messages.

One can only hope our Congress put their politics aside long enough to grasp his message to them that they are those who have been “invited, called and  convened by those who elected you … to … preserve the dignity of your fellow citizens,” in “pursuit of the common good,” which he identified as the very genesis of politics.  He called upon them to put their differences aside and instead, move forward as one in the spirit of fraternity and solidarity.

Perhaps it was these words that so resonated with Speaker Boehner (a former alter boy who was so moved by the Pope’s presence that he continually dabbed his eyes during his speech), that he finally decided to announce his resignation as Speaker of the House, which, for some, was a long-overdue announcement.

Has politics taken on such a life of its own that those who participate must be reminded of who they are, why they are there, and to what objective do they work towards?  It appears so and one can only admire Pope Francis for standing before them and reminding them of their obligations.

I was grateful, too, to hear in his remarks that it is people — just like you and me who have worked for decades — that do “an honest day’s work, to bring home the daily bread, to save money and … build a better life for [our] families.”  “These are men and women who … in their own quiet way sustain the life of society.”  How many of us would say amen to that?  Yet, we are the ones that our legislative members seem to have long ago forgotten.

Turning to world  events, Pope Francis acknowledged how deeply disturbed we all are at political tensions and violent hostilities and which seem to be escalating in various hot spots around the world as the shackles of oppression finally fall to the wayside.  He cautioned us not to be two-dimensional thinkers — those that only have two buckets — one for “the righteous” and one for “the sinners.”  The world is far too complicated to be seen in such simplistic terms.  His suggestion, instead, was to give what we wish to receive.  “If we want opportunities, let us provide opportunities.”  There is only one measurement and it is used for all of us without regard to age, race, religion or professed beliefs.  “We need a conversation which includes everyone … because it affects all of us.”

I am reminded of a quote that I read which resonated with me recently:

“I am grateful that I live in a country whose people have learned how to go on living in a sea of hatred without hating those who want to destroy them and without abandoning their own vision of peace.”  [Golda Meir]

There is so much we can do better, starting with just us, and moving upward through our legislative branches and, finally, when we reach out to the world and help share the enlightenment.  But it starts with us — the ones that have been privileged enough to live in the land of the free and the home of the brave.


A Big Shout Out For Larry!

WOW!  Who couldn’t love watching the Cardinal game today???

Larry Fitzgerald absolutely nailed it with stats of:

8 Receptions / 112 Yards


3 Touchdowns!

Who-Hoo, Larry!  We were all jumping up and down for you!  You were blazing today and your face just said it all!

The Arizona win over the Chicago Bears was HUGE – 48 to 23.

Bruce, you might be THE best coach anyone has seen — we’re feeling your love!

For more, go to #AZvsCHI

Superbowl Bound ……



Saying Goodbye to Summer!

Given that it’s Labor Day weekend, my mind has officially shifted gears from the never-ending heat-filled days to looking forward to enjoying cooler weather.  The kind of weather where you can sit out on your patio and enjoy the day or evening.  The kind of weather the Snowbirds flock to in the winter to escape their icy cold, snow-filled days.

The desert is already beginning its transition.  Instead of overnight temperatures of 90 degrees (or more), we were pleasantly surprised to see that last night’s overnight temperature dropped down to 69 degrees.  (Now that’s a cold snap!)

Our typical monsoons which usually span the July and August time periods have lingered.  And not quietly, either.  We have seen three storms in the last 10 days.  Each started with a colossal dust storm, followed by winds (one touching 59 mph) and torrential rain and hail.  As I was driving home from the office during one of these storms, the traffic was forced to stop under an underpass because to venture forward through the thick white veil of rain and hail would have left you guessing where the street was because you certainly couldn’t see it.  That, coupled with constant flashes of lightning accompanied by a BOOM! loud enough to make you jump proved, in the end, to be a nerve-jangling experience, to say the least.

And it’s not just the desert that has felt the changes spawned by El Nino.  Just the other day, the weather maps showed five hurricanes that were lined up in the Pacific Ocean as if they were aircraft staged for landing at LAX.  And they just keep coming.

But, as I turn and look over my shoulder, the beauty and the stillness of an evening sunset is beginning to unfold with all of its glory.

Sunset 9-5-2015




And now, all that’s needed is the Chorba bubbling on the stove, coupled with a good Contadino Pinot and I’d say, it’s good … it’s all good here.