NFL Team Kidnapped!

There I was, ready to see the Epic Game this morning.  I’d been looking forward to it all week long.

My prior hometown team – the Buffalo Bills – hosting my now-hometown team – the Cardinals.  It was a total win-win!  I was pretty sure I’d be happy, regardless of the outcome, if I could just see my two favorite teams play each other.

And then it happened.  Slowly at first.  A misdirected pass, a pass too short, a pass too long.  Players dropping the ball.  Another pass, straight into the arms of a Bills player.

Yikes!  Who are these guys and what have you done with my team??  Surely, what I saw clearly was not the Arizona Cardinals!

The Bills, in the end, gave them a solid whomp and, frankly, they completely deserved to win the game. They played like the professional football players that they are.  Not sure I could say the same for the Cards.

The final straw was the high, missed snap, the scramble for the loose ball, and the head’s up pick-up by the Bills for the run into the end zone.  Gads.  It was in an epidemic phase now.

In the end, it was the Cards scattered to the wind …. yup, skimming right across Lake Erie, passing the “You Are Now Leaving Buffalo” sign.

I think I’ll treat myself to a relaxing evening tomorrow night and watch a similar scenario between The Donald and Hillary ……. in the First Debate.  See you then.



When — and what — we’ve eaten in the past, may not be when or what we eat in the future.  And along the way, we just might make a dent in solving World Hunger, too.  How?

Vertical farming.

It’s being successfully done in the Chicago area, where the original concept was to make use of abandoned warehouses (preferably ones with multi-stories), and refit them with LED lighting, regulated oxygen/humidity levels, and water sprinklers (among other things), in an effort to simulate a growing season.  Think of the positive contributors to this idea.  No pests and, therefore, no pesticides needed (pure, organic food).  An even light exposure, utilizing the perfect light ratio for plant growth.  (No waiting for a sunny day here!)  Even moisture and humidity would enhance an already-good growing environment.  (Droughts would no longer plague our food sources.)  No expensive machinery like tractors would be needed to manage the crops.  And, finally, the ability to harvest a continuous crop with a predictable volume.

And now, added to this great idea, is another.

Shipping containers that are used to export goods usually return to their home ports with empty cargo containers.  Vertical farming is one way the ships can guaranty additional income to their companies.

Imagine a country able to ship cargo to distant ports for sale in exchange for the return of much-needed food?  Something as simple as this could help resolve the food-shortage issues that Venezuela is currently experiencing.  And, they aren’t the only country to face this growing issue.  As the world population grows, the demand for food will grow exponentially.

Imagine being able to actually predict what foods will be needed — and where — to all the regions on our planet.

Imagine ending World Hunger.

Imagine healthy children able to grow and contribute without the fear and horror of famine.

Yes, imagine.


The World Today – September 11

They say if you want to know what the world’s thinking, check Social Media. Taking the world’s pulse today gives us a wide spattering of what people are thinking about.

For some, it’s the first professional football game of the season! So many die-hard fans ready to watch and cheer on their favorite teams.  Football fever has struck again!

Others are out and about and enjoying the weather, good food, children and grandchildren, and each other.

And there are those that posted, reposted, tweeted and shared some of today’s headlines. The ones that reminded us of exactly where we were 15 years ago when the first plane hit the World Trade Center. Sadly, we remember the sheer shock of it all — the horror — and the random, senseless loss of life. We had let our guard down and they struck at the soft underbelly of America. We had forgotten about all those radicalized people who hate who we are and what we represent. The thugs are still out there today, they just follow another leader filled with anger and hate. And they’ll be there tomorrow, too.  They will just be called something other than ISIL.

And we can look at the bigger, world picture and see unrest in the China Sea, which I have written about before.  Why, you might ask, does it matter?  Does the figure of $5 trillion (yes, that was with a “t!”) worth of goods being transported through the South China Seas’ shipping lanes every year mean anything to you?  That’s a full one-third of all maritime traffic in the world.  We should care — after all, we all depend on each other for our economies.

So much to digest — what’s going on in front of you, what’s going on in the country, and what’s going on in the world.  What, if anything, can we do about it anyway?

I think you can begin by being mindful. Mindful means living in the present.

While we can honor our past, as we have done today in our remembrances of 9/11, we cannot dwell there.

And we can have concerns about the future, like the effect of actions in the South China Sea.  But it is what we choose to do today, this hour, this minute, that will shape our destiny.

We can begin with a nod to the past, a face of hope towards the future, and a sense of fulfillment today for having lived — and been grateful for — all that we have in the present — right now, right here, right in front of us.

Shalom — peace.