To Stop Lobbying – Short And Sweet

Back at the beginning of things, this country invented a marvelous method for people in the colonies to have their voices heard within the central government. Representatives from the various colonies would venture forth to the governmental hub to lobby and convey items of vital importance to the forefathers of this great nation. Considering there were no telephones or internet, it was the only way.  It worked wonderfully and kept things moving in a positive direction.

Skip forward a couple of hundred years and, as usual, few things have failed in that time period to somehow get twisted and/or misdirected.  Now days, instead of the people, in most occasions, it’s the corporations and super-large foundations or groups of the (One Percent) who are the ones that that flood the central governing electorate with bags of money, or benefits, or both, to achieve their items of importance. It now has little to do with the representation of the masses.  There is some lobbying that benefits good organizations, but if all lobbying were done away with there would be much more time and money to be shared with the groups that have good intentions directed at the mainstream of America. Instead, these other groups want the votes for particular items that will help them make more profits.

But we all know, sensible change within our government is something that rarely comes without calamity. We had massive changes after Pearl Harbor and 911, and one again after the great recession of 2008. But most of that dynamic change has been reversed in more recent times.  Money always seems to creep into the cracks of our Congress and Senate and dulls the senses of their abilities to get done what we have elected them to do.

It’s time for this age-old framework of lobbying to simply go away……

R.H. Brooks, Guest Blogger

To All The Great Dads!

Happy Father’s Day to all of you great Dads out there!

For some of you who have a few Father’s Days under your belt, you’ve done an amazing job at being card-carrying members of The Best Dads Ever Club.  Just take a look at the smiles on your children’s faces!

For those of you who are celebrating this day as your first Father’s Day (and I personally know of two such Dads in San Diego), congratulations!  I see the thrill on your faces every time I see you.

My Dad always feels very close to me on this day and I have so many very happy memories of him.  I know several of you out there whose fathers have also passed on …. but who seem to remain close to you, too.  Perhaps that is their greatest legacy to us who remain.

My Dad didn’t have much growing up in the 1920’s – a lot of the country didn’t have much in those days.  One Christmas Eve, he remembered not having anything to eat for supper but potatoes, but they did have a roof over their heads and for that he was grateful.

He never forgot those days, but he never let it weigh him down, either.  He worked long, hard hours – sometimes at two jobs – to see that we had a better existence than he did as a child.  He taught us that being honest, seeing the good in people, and being a good friend were the “things” that mattered – not what you had or what you wore.  He was also a great son, brother, brother-in-law and a favored uncle in our family – sometimes fulfilling the role of a patriarch when family members were seeking advice.

He was a man of deep love and compassion and I couldn’t be prouder to call him My Dad.  I miss him every day.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad!  You will remain in my heart forever.

Robert H. Blunt
July 1921 – January 2005

Guest Blogger Today!

Hap Brooks asked to serve as a Guest Blogger today.  I would like to invite anyone who would like to add to our discussion here to use this space as our platform.  Here’s his blog:

I couldn’t help but laugh at the breaking news report that said President Trump had called the Former Director of the FBI, Comey, a liar. Amazing, considering this man’s entire professional life had been built on his strict adhesion to integrity throughout.  What has Donald J’s professional history been comprised of, short of his stiffing contractors, and being a bold-faced chronic liar?  Not much.

I really do wonder why he was not beside me in a foxhole in Vietnam.  We are both the same age and I was drafted right in the middle of the war — pardon me – “Police Action.”  There are many adjectives that describe Trump, none of which come from the same side of the tracks that Director Comey’s adjectives come from.

What amazes me is that Small Hands really believes that people like him, as he lives in his make-believe world of fake news and misdirection.  I believe that most of the people that voted for him knew down deep that he was an anchor without a chain.  Most of the people were just tired of the status quo that has prevailed in Washington for years. To be elected anymore, one must be well-planted within the political infrastructure. You first must be beholding to some person or group and/or have a shit pot of money.  Without one or both, the odds of succeeding in politics are nil. With these prerequisites, no one who get elected lives life on the same side of the teeter totter as the rest of us.  Do you really think that any of the Washington crowd, with the exception of a few freshman, have any idea how much a gallon of milk costs or what the average Social Security check will buy after Medicare and the supplements are paid for?  Why should they?  They’re too busy, you know, changing the EPA’s rules and handing more tax benefits to the wealthy — what’s the name they call themselves?  Oh, yeah, the One Percent …..

The system really is bending to the point of breaking.  Actually, I thought it had when the Orange Buffoon was elected.  But now I see it as it really is — business as usual – wearing a different mask.

I don’t think things will change much until some very basic things are adjusted, such as term limits and lobbying.  As far as I’m concerned, we, as the people, should through the government, fund elections.  By this I mean, give qualified candidates “X” amount of election funds and say when it’s gone, you’re done until after the voting is done.  At least no person or group or company would be able to buy a mouthpiece within the governmental power structure.

As you may have guessed, I’m not a Trump fan. However, tomorrow is another day and, I’m sure, filled with more wonderment of the Orange Wiz.

Just understand that we can’t give up, nor can we give in.  This country is much too beautiful and fragile for us to let our guard down.


~~Hap Brooks


Words Of The Day – Quid Pro Quo


Did you read James Comey’s written statement of yesterday?  Did you watch his testimony today?  Did it influence or change your mind about the events in question?  It would have been difficult to walk away without acknowledging that his testimony had some type of affect on your thoughts.  For some, it may have not been plausible – for others, it might have been more of a “I told you so”- type of conclusion.

Throughout the original statement, and evidenced again today in the live testimony, was just how badly Donald Trump wanted James Comey to step forward and publicly acknowledge that he was not under FBI investigation.  That’s a pretty big “ask,” especially of someone who is the Director-in-charge of an independent agency whose very foundation is rooted in its independence from the political influences that often find their way into the Executive Branch of our government.

I believe that Mr. Comey is very savvy at reading people.  After all, I don’t think you make it to the Directorship of the Federal Bureau of Investigations being otherwise.  As he has stated, he knew he needed to document – in detail – his conversations with Trump from the get-go.  Trump, at best, has a revisionist’s memory.  If it makes him look more grandiose in the moment, well then, that’s the truth.  If it sheds a poor light on him – never happened.  Fake news.  How many times have we all seen that?

Trump entered the White House believing that it would run the same way as his businesses – you buy whatever it is you want (money’s no object, of course).  Then, once in, you demolish the existing business (that’s those bombs you keep hearing go off) until the playing field is obliterated, and then you firmly ensconce your “people” in place – and you’re on to your next conquest.  Clearly, he was trying to make James Comey one of his “people” when he asked him to be “loyal,” and later, when he suggested that Comey drop the investigation of Flynn.  He simply has no concept that he does not wield such power from that office.  I find it very disturbing and hugely unsettling to think he has such a weak grasp of how our government is run – and even more disturbing – that he has such little respect for the process.

Kudos to our Senate Committee today for proving that you can reach across the aisle and come together when a threat exists against America.  Comey went to great lengths today to express his feelings for our country and to issue a warning that there should be no “fuzz” in that the Russians meddled in our election process – and that they will do so again.  This is a bell I have tried to ring many times in my blogs.  We need to learn how to be stronger, better and smarter than those that threaten our freedom.

So, thank you, Mr. Comey, for putting your reputation at risk, for being willing to sacrifice your job, for your service to our country, and for telling the truth.  Thank you for loving America that much.


And It’s Only Tuesday …

To our British friends, we send our deepest sympathies on the recent attack in London – but we also send our admiration of your choice to carry on with life and normal activities after such a horrific and senseless event.  It stands as a testament to your resolve, strength, solidarity and belief in one another.  We could use a little more of that over here on this side of the pond.

We also send our admiration to your Mayor Sadiq Khan for his calm leadership in the deepest moments of the crisis and for his crystal-clear responses to Trump’s heartless tweets.  Perhaps Trump just has a problem with the name “Khan,” remembering the Gold Star family Khizr and Ghazala Kahn, parents of the late Humayun Khan, who lost his life in defense of the United States to a suicide bomber in Baqubah, Iraq in 2004.  Trump went out of his way to insult them, too, as he did with Mayor Khan.

Trump said in the wake of the attack on London that we should all be “smart, vigilant and tough.”  I find those to be brave words coming from someone who is none of those things.  A speech writer or press person’s contribution – no doubt.

I think Al Gore’s response on CNN really said it best – “I don’t think a terrorist attack like this is the time to be divisive and criticize a mayor who’s trying to organize his city’s response to the attack.  The terrorists want us to live in a state of constant fear.”  I would urge you to re-read that last sentence again.  It seems like Trump wants us to live in a constant state of turmoil – a word not far from “fear.”  I’ll leave that thought to stand on its own for now.

As you may know, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates have collectively elected to break off relations with Qatar whom they accuse of funding terrorism in the region.  This break in relations is a highly political and diplomatic effort to convey their sentiments on the subject.  Just as Kuwait was attempting to step in and mediate the issue for both sides, Trump tweets, “So good to see the Saudi Arabia visit with the King and 50 countries already paying off.”  There he goes again, pushing himself in front of another diplomat (in this case, a King) to be in the center of the picture – just like he unashamedly did on his recent trip to the Middle East.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch – or I should say Washington – our government was in the midst of preparing a balanced, tasteful and well-thought-out strategic response to this development in the Middle East when Trump’s tweet hit the press. When are they going to get it that this is a man who would do his own in, if it served him?  What you do have instead is an unbriefed leader of the free world fanning the smoldering embers in a region that is deeply and passionately divided in their thoughts, ideologies and religions.

And, finally, the inevitable question has been raised:  If Qatar indeed is supporting these acts of terrorism around the world, then why does the US have one of its largest overseas bases, Al Udeid Air Base, in Qatar?” Um, can you say for having a presence — a stabilizing influence — in the region?  Oh, what?  Did we just insult our host nation?

Which begs my final thought:  Can someone please brief the President before his little fingers push the little buttons on his little phone again, leaving a wake of diplomatic debris behind him?

And a special note to all those Trump Fans out there in case you think this is another “overly-critical” analysis of the President’s actions, bear in mind, it is he who chooses to pick up the phone to use the much-criticized media to spread his tweets around the world.  Believe me, we are far from encouraging him to do so.

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