Keep Your Eye On The Ball


After having made a complete spectacle of himself in front of 193 world leaders this week by his wrong-audience address to members of the United Nations (the U.S. economy has boomed under his leadership and that job growth was at an all-time high; um, did anyone tell him the audience was not potential voters?), Trump decided to take another jab at an American tradition by categorically stating that any member of the NFL who does not stand for our National anthem should be “fired.”  Adding fuel to that fire, he added that they “should just be thankful for what you have and not make any trouble.”

Well, I’d be careful there, Mr. President.  No telling what happens when you poke the bear.

First, would someone please explain to Trump (with pictures) the case of West Virginia Board of Education vs. Barnette (1943)?  It was a rather prominent case because the Court found that no one has the right to make you pledge allegiance to our national flag, nor punish you for not having done so.  This could be broadly interpreted to include “taking a knee” in solidarity of a unified cause.

As to “making any trouble,” I, for one, hope our NFL members and other football players continue to “make trouble” as they have in recent weeks, for taking it upon themselves as citizens in a free society to solicit funds to help those victimized by recent hurricanes and those that have eagerly shown up and done what was necessary to bring aid and assistance to those in need.  Thank you for your service to our country and your fellow citizens, gentlemen.

And the very suggestion that these selfless people remain silent is insulting.  I hope they use their fame, their notoriety, and their platforms to continue to speak out (loudly!) to encourage unity, understanding, patience, and the willingness to work together to make this a better place than we found it.

It’s certainly more than you’re doing for our country, Donnie.

But don’t lose sight of the objective(s) here – keep your eye on the ball.  All of the hyperbole discussed above really isn’t what Trump is interested in.  At this point, he has two interests:

One is the rejection of the Iranian missile deal.  This action sends the clear message to Tehran that the U.S. has had a shift in policy; that it no longer is interested in stabilizing Middle Eastern interests. The result of that message was Tehran’s prime-time display of its latest ballistic missile – the Khorramshahr – carrying multiple warheads and having a range of 1,250 miles – clearing putting our allies, Israel and Saudi Arabia, in Tehran’s sights.

Secondly, he continues to call out Kim Jong-un and the North Korean leadership, leaving them no choice but to show some form of missile capability to ensure that they are to be taken seriously by world leaders.  And what if Kim Jong-un does take the bait and launches a nuclear missile over the Pacific?  This, I believe, is exactly what Donald wants – justification for a nuclear strike on North Korea. He wants to raise his fist in defiance to the rest of the world with a clear message that no one should mess with America – and — in so doing, the unthinkable. Twenty-five million people would simply be vaporized.  And to think that this doesn’t horrify him enough to deter his actions, is unconscionable and clearly unfathomable.

If ever we needed some divine intervention – it is truly now.

Pray for peace, my friends – Shalom.

Wine & Prayers

Time for an update in the Wine Talk department.  (Please, feel free to share any good wines that you may have encountered.  I’d be happy to post them and your comments!)

In celebrating my birthday recently, our neighbors and good friends, Hugh and Jen, brought two lovely wines over to enjoy:

Let’s start with the Red:

Bend Cabernet Sauvignon




If you like the taste of black cherries and blackberries, this is the wine for you!  I personally love the variation of different berries in a Cab.  To me, they enrich and deepen its taste.  The Bend also leaves a hint of floral on your palette at the end – a lovely touch! This California wine (2015) is by Dario De Conti.

And for the White:

Tesoro Della Regina
Pinot Grigio




Another lovely flavor in this wonderful Pinot – this time it’s a blend of plum and cherry.  So delicious and refreshing!  Italian Pinots, like this, from the Veneto or Tuscany area never disappoint.


Both of these lovely wines are available at your local Total Wine and More at very reasonable prices.  Thanks to our friends, Hugh and Jen, for sharing such wonderful picks!

While you are sipping and sharing … please … take a moment this week to say a prayer for our friends and family in Florida as Irma sets her sights on our beautiful Sunshine State.

Stay safe, my friends.