Happy New Year!

Welcome! A new look to the site – for a New Year!

We begin 2018 with our faces turned upward into the sun with a warm smile.

Let’s face it – by contrast, 2017 was a year full of jolts, surprises and, in a few instances, downright concussions.

But, interspersed in our roller coaster ride, we saw Americans leaving everything by the wayside as they manned their boats and waded deep into the waters left behind by Hurricane Harvey to reach out to their fellow citizens, bringing them (and their beloved pets) to safety without a fleeting thought of what might divide them as Americans.

Weeks later, as Hurricane Irma roared on shore in Florida, we saw more of the same, selfless acts of random kindness and compassion, again, without a thought of divisiveness.

Every day in America, things of this nature happen, just on a smaller scale.  Smaller, I say, but not less important.

It is difficult not to buy into the 3-ring circus that serves as an adult day care center in Washington.  In the days of instant news coverage (and the lusty competition to be the first with the story), our eyes dart from headline to headline, while the cauldron is being stirred by those who measure their worth by ratings and their percentage of press coverage.

What we need is some unity the likes of which was demonstrated by the heroes mentioned above.  Those that when the chips were down, set aside their differences for the greater good.  Those that reached out for their fellow Americans and brought them to safety during a time of peril.

If we don’t achieve that level of greater goodness amongst ourselves and if we can’t change our leadership to again be of the people, then surely America will be no different than medieval Europe as it spawned feudalism in the Middle Ages. Surely, we are better than that. I believe we are better than that.

So, with a smile on our face and basked in the light of goodness, let’s make 2018 a year that will simplify who we are and what we stand for. A year for the greater good of America. A year that will make America stronger. A year that we rediscover compassion. A year of selflessness among our citizens.

Shalom – may peace be with you.