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As I scanned the headlines in Reuters today, I was drawn to slides posted from the USS Theodore Roosevelt, a U.S. aircraft carrier commissioned in October of 1986.  It now sits in the waters of the Gulf near Bahrain.  Officially, it is there to ensure that the shipping lanes remain open and free to travel.  Unofficially, of course, it is there to show a signal of strength to the inhabitants of a restless and chaotic region.

As many of you know, my/our first book, Esperance, was centered around a very real U.S. Naval ship christened as the USS Boise.  She was a light cruiser who, along with other ships in the area, fought a daring and dramatic battle in the darkness of one night in October of 1942, off the Cape of Esperance in Guadalcanal.  While the journey of this great ship was entirely accurate (and took 7 years of research to accomplish), the Captain and crew of that ship were entirely figments of my and my husband’s imaginations — except for one person — a Machinist Mate by the name of Bobby Blunt.  He had only a cameo role in Esperance, but he had a leading role in my life.

Tomorrow is Father’s Day and I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge all those great fathers out there that lived an honorary and exemplary life and became the largest hero a son or daughter would ever have.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad!Dad US NavyRobert H. Blunt – July 1921-January 2005, U.S. Navy


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  1. Great picture of your dad. I wish I could have met him. He deserves a big thank you for helping keep this amazing country safe. Happy fathers day everyone…

  2. You have touched my heart as did he.

    I can not acknowledge this love without mentioning his overwhelming love for his family ( those close , those farther away, and his friends).

    I too am proud to call this amazing man Dad.

  3. He was a great guy! He was very intelligent and very funny. He is certainly one of the people I miss in this world.

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