Summer Is Here!

Now that summer is upon us — and I think I can officially say that, given that my car thermometer registered 116 degrees while driving the other day — it was time to think about a new light summer wine.

A quick trip to Trader Joe’s was in order in the late afternoon yesterday, trying to beat the inevitable dust storm now that we are officially in Monsoon Season in the desert Southwest!

They have a marvelous selection of wines!  I picked out a new Pinot Grigio by the name of Venetian Moon.  It is vinted and bottled by the Trader Moon Wine Co. out of Manteca, California.  It was a light white vintage from 2013.

I must say it was good as a sipping wine (preparing dinner) as it was with the dinner (fresh vegetable, chicken and white bean soup with a spice swirl and Artisian bread).  I was quite impressed — and, of course, wanted to share this with all of my wine friends (you know who you are!).

Look for this the next time you’re in TJ’s — I know you’ll love it!

Stay cool out there ….


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