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With the election cycle slowly cranking up again, it takes my thoughts and concerns to the American economy.

The world needs a little economic stability in the coming years as other countries who have been oppressed ache to be free of the economic shackles of the Old Guard who, unjustly and for a very long time, lived off the backs of many of their countrymen.  The world needs to welcome them to a better place.

China is struggling as an economy and, as a result, so is their stock market.  Greece has been all over the European map begging for assistance.  The Saudis are borrowing money (who would have thought?) because of the low oil prices.  Turkey is struggling to stand up in an extremely volatile area.  And then there are the emerging markets like those in Asia, Latin America and even some in Africa.  Last year, investors pumped $50 billion (with a “B”) in mutual funds that are investing in developing countries.  We should welcome them, too!

The tides of the world economy are changing and for that reason, America needs to tread lightly and, at the same time, stay strong.  Teddy Roosevelt used to say, “Speak softly and carry a big stick.”  He was actually quoting a West African proverb: “Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far.”  Good advice then — good advice now.

Why does it matter?  It matters because there are millions of folks that have worked and contributed greatly to the American economy for decades.

We believe in America and we are vested in America.

I, for one, have devoted most of my life to working hard and I guess I would just like to be assured that with the right leader, the view from the office which vibrates with such prosperity will stay the same.

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… We have much to think about in the coming days …

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