Saying Goodbye to Summer!

Given that it’s Labor Day weekend, my mind has officially shifted gears from the never-ending heat-filled days to looking forward to enjoying cooler weather.  The kind of weather where you can sit out on your patio and enjoy the day or evening.  The kind of weather the Snowbirds flock to in the winter to escape their icy cold, snow-filled days.

The desert is already beginning its transition.  Instead of overnight temperatures of 90 degrees (or more), we were pleasantly surprised to see that last night’s overnight temperature dropped down to 69 degrees.  (Now that’s a cold snap!)

Our typical monsoons which usually span the July and August time periods have lingered.  And not quietly, either.  We have seen three storms in the last 10 days.  Each started with a colossal dust storm, followed by winds (one touching 59 mph) and torrential rain and hail.  As I was driving home from the office during one of these storms, the traffic was forced to stop under an underpass because to venture forward through the thick white veil of rain and hail would have left you guessing where the street was because you certainly couldn’t see it.  That, coupled with constant flashes of lightning accompanied by a BOOM! loud enough to make you jump proved, in the end, to be a nerve-jangling experience, to say the least.

And it’s not just the desert that has felt the changes spawned by El Nino.  Just the other day, the weather maps showed five hurricanes that were lined up in the Pacific Ocean as if they were aircraft staged for landing at LAX.  And they just keep coming.

But, as I turn and look over my shoulder, the beauty and the stillness of an evening sunset is beginning to unfold with all of its glory.

Sunset 9-5-2015




And now, all that’s needed is the Chorba bubbling on the stove, coupled with a good Contadino Pinot and I’d say, it’s good … it’s all good here.



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