It’s All About Good Friends!

It was a clear and sunny Friday morning last week, as our car was pointed westward — away from the hustle-and-bustle of daily life in Phoenix — towards the ever-beautiful Western Coast.  We both smiled at the thought of filling our eyes with a view of the Pacific Ocean.

The next day, we joined a family wedding reception to congratulate a wonderful young couple as they began their married life — congratulations, Monica and J!  Your party was just wonderful.

The following day we stopped by Tower 23 at Pacific Beach (or PB as they call it there!) for an outdoor lunch, listening to the waves melodically crashing against the beach.  We smiled again as we felt the cool breeze coming off the ocean and filled our lungs with the fresh scent of the salt air.  We clinked our Bloody Mary and Mohito glasses in celebration.

We watched as “Slomo” glided by on the sidewalk.  For those of you not familiar with him, he has been cruising the sidewalk at PB for many years, headphones on, inline skates strapped on, and arms out to his side as if he were flying, while maintaining a perfect arabesque position.  People who recognize him reach out and slap his hand as he glides by.  The back story on him is hardly what anyone would guess – a retired neurosurgeon who also happens to have had psychiatric training, as well, living a life that he describes as being very fulfilling and extremely spiritual.  Yes, we smiled, as we watched him glide by.  Nothing’s changed in PB!

That evening, we were invited to our special  friends’ home for dinner.  Meet Steve and Maggie:

IMG_20151025_175636607_HDR (2)

Two of the most interesting and charming folks on the planet! We sat on the Plaza level of their high rise condominium and shared a sunset cocktail, catching up on what was new, while Steve finished up grilling some mouth-watering chicken on the barbeque.

Later, as we sat down for dinner, we enjoyed not only the superb company, but the most awesome view ever!  Take a look at this …..


Oh, yeah …. a truly OMG view!!!  Magnificent!  We thank you, Steve and Maggie, for the most wonderful and memorable evening!  You’re the best!  It will be our turn to be the host next time, but I’m pretty sure we can’t top your view!

And, all too soon, the car was again pointed eastward as we wound our way through the mountains and down onto the desert floor heading back towards Phoenix.

It was truly one of our best trips ever to San Diego and we thank Steve and Maggie for that.

After all, it’s all about good friends …..







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