A Day of Honor

It’s Veteran’s Day.  A day to honor each and every person in America who has served our great country.

I am proud of all of my family, friends and fellow countrymen and women who have made this commitment and who have sacrificed time away from family, friends and careers to ensure that our country stays safe.

And I say another thank you to those who have supported those who have served.  Your sacrifice, too, is one to be recognized and honored.

So, today, step up to those who have dug deep into their souls and who have demonstrated such courage – step up to them.  Shake their hand.  Hug them.  Look them in the eye and tell them how much you appreciate the privilege of living in such a great country.  A country that we all believe in.

A country that – above all – remains free.

I thank you – and honor you – today and always.


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