Let’s Talk About The Elephant

I said I wouldn’t do it.  I said I’d find another topic.  I said I wouldn’t give ISIS/ISIL one more moment of air time — especially not my air time.  They’ve received far too much as it is.  But as I sat down to blog today, I found the tragedy of the events in France has overshadowed — and eclipsed — all other things.  I cannot seem to shake the feelings of sadness and horror and my eyes drift back and forth from story to story.

To ignore this event would be likened to ignoring the elephant in the room.  We must not turn away from it.  We must talk about it.

Expressions and symbols of solidarity have come from everywhere and, indeed, from everyone.  Each expression seems to contain as much resolve as it does compassion.  People are finally focusing all of their attention on ISIS/ISIL and the assassins they set forth to do their bidding.

This isn’t the time to do the “politically-right” thing.  This is the time for all countries to set their differences aside.  Now is the time for us to collectively cooperate with international efforts to eradicate the cancerous swell that knows no borders.

Now is the time for strength, unity and solidarity.

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