A Society Of The Few And For The Few

Celebrating Mass today in the corrupt city of Ecatepec, Mexico, Pope Francis called upon the masses to overcome the few whose vanity and corruption lead them to believe they are a “cut above” all others.  He was speaking to those that harbor, house and encourage drug war lords and warring cartels.  The few that have made the “dirty” money — those that have no concern for how their neighbors live.   Those that defile women and leave them lying by the side of the road.  Those that do not hear the starving children’s cry of despair.  Or the mother’s tears as she tries to comfort them.

When did it become so easy to look away from these people?

In my books, one of my main characters, Anna Koran McCullough, is a gritty woman who, long before it was fashionable, did a lot of things woman didn’t do in her era.  One of those things was to champion a [fictitious] organization called “The World Assistance Organization” who, as the name suggests, provides medical and humanitarian help for people in crisis across the world.  Sadly, Anna never had children, so all of the children of the world instead became hers.  She champions the fight for them continuously in my stories — and perhaps it is my way of continuing to shed the light — to remind people that we are all here together.  We all need to help each other but, in particular, we really need to help the children of the world.  They are our future — they are our shining light.

We need to be a world society that is of the many and for the many …. one world that knows how to show compassion and caring for one another.  A world that can and has made a difference.

Let us begin ….

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