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So, my husband and I were in a well-known retail store today (which shall remain nameless — but I think you’ll know which one it is — think lots of real estate and cheap prices) when a woman’s cart was blocking the aisle while an employee was restocking off a large cart on the other side of the aisle.  My husband moved the cart only to hear, “HEY!  That’s my cart there!  You can’t move it!  What are you doing?”  My husband said, “I was just trying to move it to get by.”  Just to give you the full color here, this woman had a 15-year-old (or so) young man with her who remained wordless, continuously looking down at the floor, through the entire episode.  (Pretty sure that was a large peek into his life.)

Well, God love my husband for taking the high road.  He simply threw up his hands in the air and turned his back on her.  Not being good enough for her, she takes a look at me who was now approaching, sporting my latest fashion accessory — a full off-loading back brace.  She apparently had zero sympathy (or respect, but I think we’ve already established that), because she looked at the brace twice, turned to my husband again and continues her tirade with, “Boy, it must be a b______ getting old …” (and she continued on, but I think you get the idea).

And, yes, to answer the unspoken question — for those who know of my love of Glocks — my weapon was safely stored at home.

I deeply wanted to step in, but my gut told me that’s exactly what she was looking for.  Sorry if I sound snobby here, but here’s my guess:  She is of a low-economic population, has a service-related job, feels abused by her employer, and regularly has to deal with the general public.  Am I right here?

What I deeply wanted to say to her was, “Instead of being disrespectful and incredibly nasty and impolite — you should say thank you to my husband.  After all, if it wasn’t for his service to this country, along with many others, you wouldn’t be standing here in the grocery aisle acting like the biggest dumb-ass in the world, and setting what has to be the worst-ever example for that young boy with you.  Yep, he’s the reason you’re free to speak your thoughts in public.  You can say thank you anytime now.”

Now, here’s the jump ….

With all of Trump’s rhetoric (and Trump fans, you can stop reading right now because this doesn’t get any better), and the level that that rhetoric has reached and presumably will continue to reach — is so unimaginably awful for our country.  And look at the demographics of his supporters!  Why is it that his power base seems to be almost exclusively the under-educated and un-educated of our country’s population?  Do they have a crash course in constitutional law or Politics 101 anywhere?  Common Sense 101?

I fear for all of us as he inches his way down a path many of us wouldn’t have ever believed he would walk (and as we speak, is projected to win South Carolina).  This is a guy who thinks Putin’s great and applauds a lot of his tactics (you know, like the disappearance and/or suspicious fatal circumstances some of his critics have experienced?).  Seriously, Donald?  This is not about a game show.  This is not about flipping real estate, or being a bully.  This is for all the marbles.  Where is your dignity?  Where is your love of this country?

We are what we think in this world.

And the more people that see “the Donald” acting out, raising his voice in anger, spewing rhetoric that is solely designed to incite crowds, pushing ideas through non-factual methods, well — I guess that’s why we have people who feel perfectly free to mimick him and do their own acting out — even if it’s about a grocery cart in a big-box retail store.

Look out, America ….


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