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It seems like Saturday night is as good a night as any other night to experiment with a new wine to see if it makes the “Let’s Buy This One Again” distinguished category!

As usual, we are featuring both a red and a white here, as my husband prefers red and I prefer white, except in this instance — well, keep reading …

First, the red:


This is a 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon produced by Carnivor Wines, Modesto, California.  It’s a $12 bottle of wine that has earned 90 points and a “Best Buy” nod from Wine Enthusiast in July of 2013.

This is such a great red wine that even I can’t resist its great flavors — blackberry, caramel and roast coffee.  Truly a “statement wine!”  Its label also boasts of  a toasted oak flavor, but, thankfully, I don’t taste it.  (Oaks are better left to the unimaginative Chardonnay’s.)

Go to for more info – or #devourlife. Be sure to buy more than one — store shelves empty out quickly on this one!

And for my white:




Oh, and was this a great surprise!





A $9 purchase that earned a Best Buy nod from the World Value Wine Competition – 2013.  It’s an Italian wine from the House of Torri produced by the descendants of Mario Torri.

The label will tell you it’s “crisp and fruity,” but my immediate taste from this wine was a combination that I had never had before — chilled pears and almonds!  And it was a taste that continued without being cumulative and overpowering itself.  This, quite frankly, was a superb Pinot Grigio that I would never hesitate to serve!

So, there you have it, folks, a couple of new ones to add to your shopping lists.

Be sure to get back to me with your comments — for that matter, with any great wines you have tried and that you would like to mention.  They will be happily shared here!

To Life — L’Chayim!


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