Honoring Great Dads!

This goes out as a heartfelt thank you to all of you Dads out there that have always “been there” for their children and who do, have, and continue to, love them unconditionally.

In both my mother’s and father’s side of the family — and in my husband’s family — I have seen many, many examples of fathers who truly take pride in their children.  It is so wonderful.  And Dads — you can see your impact — every time that child lights up with a smile and sends it your way!  You earned that!

And with my Forever Friends — I remember their Dads as if it were yesterday: George Buscaglia, Jim Cavalieri and Mike Bauer.  Three great men who loved their daughters with all their hearts — I saw that so many times with them.

On this day, I miss my wonderful father-in-law, too, who always endearingly called me “Little Lady.”

Most of all — I miss my Dad — a guy who never was to busy to listen (even if it was stuff he could care less about) and who was there for every step of the way in my life.  All I had to do was turn around.

So, this post is dedicated to all these great men — and to my Dad, of which there could never be another like him.  Happy Father’s Day, Dad — until we meet again …

Robert H. Blunt July 1921 - January 2005
Robert H. Blunt
July 1921 – January 2005


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