Hot Temperatures — Cool Wine!

Living in the desert in the winter with temperatures that can range from night time lows of 32 degrees to day time highs of 65 degrees, quickly makes you the envy of all of your “Back East” relatives, friends and co-workers.  And rightfully so!  While they’re shoveling snow — we’re shoveling sunshine!

But it’s that other time of the year where no one envies you and one that nobody really talks about — the sweltering heat waves of the summer!

I remember my first summer in the desert – June 1981.  The local news meteorologist reported the weather every night at 10, usually pointing out that the current temperatures would be coming in at about 104 degrees.  Seriously?  The sun’s been down for hours — how could it still be that hot?  Disbelieving, I would open my front door only to feel like I just opened my oven and my eyelashes were being singed!  (I never doubted a meteorologist again.)

The past ten days in Arizona has pushed even the hardiest of us!  Check  this out:

Phoenix Temps June 2016
Phoenix Temps June 2016

Yes, you are reading last Sunday’s temperature high right — 118 degrees — officially.  Unofficially, it was registering 123.7 degrees on my patio and several moments later, it raised to 124 degrees!  OK, that’s totally frying, right?

So, in looking for a way to beat the heat, I decided that a trip to the wine store was in order (this time to Total Wine) and I found a lovely bottle of Italian Pinot Grigio that kept me cool and happy!

Bella Sera Pinot Grigio
Bella Sera Pinot Grigio

For all my fellow Grigio lovers — try it!  It was one of those wines that after the first sip, you say to yourself, “Wait!  What is this again?”  Yes, it was that good!

So, while we’re out here still shoveling sunshine, know that I, for one, am staying cool with “Bella Sera” … making it one “beautiful evening,” indeed!


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