Random Acts

Random acts of violence … something no one can prepare for.  No one can anticipate.

What can we do?

We can ask that our law enforcement men and women receive better training on how to apprehend an armed individual.  Surveys say there are over 300 million guns in America — one third of adults say they own one.  Our law enforcement needs to be better prepared and have better protection.

We can make our voices heard — with peaceful protests — and not provide a fertile playground to those whose motivations are provocative and self-serving.

We can stop reacting.

We can start thinking about how to solve our issues — without violence.

We can put more pressure on our Congressmen and women — and our Senators — to put away their childish, political agendas and concentrate on doing the job they were elected to do … and that would be to lead.  After all, weren’t you the ones with the unending rhetoric during your campaigns that assured us that you could make a difference?  That you could change Washington’s politics?  Well, why aren’t you doing it?

Living in a democracy is, at best, challenging and difficult.  Everyone has a voice.  Everyone deserves to be heard. Everyone has an opinion.

But no one deserves to be the recipient of mindless violence.

Pray for understanding.

Pray for peace.



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