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I realize at times that I am a bit of a “flag-waver,” but, if you heard President Obama last evening in his speech to America at the DNC, you would understand what is beneath that deep pride I feel in being an American — living in the greatest country on Earth!

And if you ever wondered what motivates our President — he showed you last night.  I felt his deep love and deep compassion for the people of America.

This is a man who has been there with us — every step of the way — making all the hard decisions — for the benefit of all of us.  Who among us would step up to do that?

I am one of those people who get up every day and go to work, hoping that what I can contribute will be enough to make some small difference in someone’s life.  I am proud to have the freedom to achieve that every single day.

When I hear Donald Trump, I am instantly appalled.  His choice of words, his actions and his alliances raise every alarm bell within me.  President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden are right.  This isn’t who we are.  This isn’t the face we want our allies to see.  The all-out childish behavior — the sheer selfishness and “what’s in it for me” attitude — it only contributes to the negative “Ugly American” image.

We are better than that. And we are smarter than that.

For the sake of America, start thinking about our future.  Think about your children and their children.  Don’t they deserve a chance to live the same lives we have? Or live in a better world?  What legacy will you be proud to have left them?

People, this is your chance. Get out there and vote this November.  Make your voices heard. Make a difference in our future.

Everything you do will determine how we live the next four years — with honor and grace in a global world — or living in a deeply dark, divisive and destructive world.

The choice is yours ….

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