NFL Team Kidnapped!

There I was, ready to see the Epic Game this morning.  I’d been looking forward to it all week long.

My prior hometown team – the Buffalo Bills – hosting my now-hometown team – the Cardinals.  It was a total win-win!  I was pretty sure I’d be happy, regardless of the outcome, if I could just see my two favorite teams play each other.

And then it happened.  Slowly at first.  A misdirected pass, a pass too short, a pass too long.  Players dropping the ball.  Another pass, straight into the arms of a Bills player.

Yikes!  Who are these guys and what have you done with my team??  Surely, what I saw clearly was not the Arizona Cardinals!

The Bills, in the end, gave them a solid whomp and, frankly, they completely deserved to win the game. They played like the professional football players that they are.  Not sure I could say the same for the Cards.

The final straw was the high, missed snap, the scramble for the loose ball, and the head’s up pick-up by the Bills for the run into the end zone.  Gads.  It was in an epidemic phase now.

In the end, it was the Cards scattered to the wind …. yup, skimming right across Lake Erie, passing the “You Are Now Leaving Buffalo” sign.

I think I’ll treat myself to a relaxing evening tomorrow night and watch a similar scenario between The Donald and Hillary ……. in the First Debate.  See you then.


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