Great Times!

The weekend started out with our family members joining us from out of town.  We enjoyed a great dinner with more laughs than we’ve had in some time. Later, we enjoyed a balmy desert evening with a hearty discussion on world events.

The next day was earmarked for outdoor activity — our favorite activity!  We headed out in a fully-packed truck to find our spot at an outdoor shooting area not too far from the city.  As we stepped out of the truck, the stillness of the desert wrapped its lovely arms around us.  It made us smile.

My nephew, Mitch, had shot a few revolvers in his life, but his wife, Julie, had never fired a weapon.  Watching her interaction turned out to be an equal mixture of apprehension and exhilaration — but nothing beat the big smile she gave us after her first shot!

Our targets were varied at a distance of about 23 feet in front of us.  The unofficial “rules” say that you have to call out which target you are aiming for.  Once the shooting commenced, so did the running commentary!  “High, left!”  “Over the target!” “Great shot!”

Too soon, it was time to go.  After bringing in the target cluster it was time for some long distance shots, just for fun.


Using up the last ammo for some distance shooting
Using up the last ammo for some distance shooting

We packed it all up, including our blue tarp that was now filled with brass bullet casings.  (Pack it in/pack it out!)

Packing up
Packing up






And so, you might ask, how did we do?  We’ll let Mitch and Julie finish the story:

The score
The score





Until we meet again ……..

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