Of Stress and Shadows

I read a short article the other day about people feeling “stressed out” and they are pointing to the rancor of the national political forum that has been surrounding the Presidential election — as the culprit.  I couldn’t agree more.  Tweet by tweet, sound-bite by sound-bite, Facebook posting after Facebook posting … can anyone say “Enough?!”

A psychologist was interviewed for this article and offered this bit of advice: It’s OK to unplug from the constant din of the media.  It’s OK to turn off the television.  It’s OK to divert your attention away from your phone and towards something (anything!) that gives you pleasure or makes you smile.

I couldn’t agree more.

As important as it is to pay attention and as important as it is stay informed and important as it is to keep an open mind …. I am sitting here with my shooting headphones on blocking out the unending dribble of the news media following another paranoid-induced thought from Trump.

I also read an article from Deepak Chopra on the subject today (“Donald Trump is America’s Shadow”) which proved to be quite enlightening in explaining the public’s fascination with the dark side that Trump exposes which Chopra calls “the shadow,” or the dark side of all of us.  Trump lives in the shadow and therefore, by default, suggests that we all live on the wrong side, and that he, and only he, lives (and apparently “loves,” I might add) on the right side.  The more dust that is kicked up, the more gleeful he becomes.  Chopra also reminds us of the obvious — that this is a dubious, deceptive and totally manipulative environment.

Thank you for bringing that up.  These cannot possibly be the desired traits of someone who would be the leader of the greatest — free — democracy of the world!  The same man who says that a long-running hit comedy should be cancelled because it’s “unfunny.”  Really?  Is that his best grip on the concept of a “democracy?”  Yeah, well, remember, Donald …

The shadow never wins

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