Announcing an Exciting New Addition to the Blog!

I’m excited to share with you that I am going to have a new feature added to this blog!

My husband has just finished his solo book entitled Serenity: Full Circle which is a fabulous “SEALs-Black-Ops” fictional novel that is just a compelling read!

As soon as we are advised that it is officially registered with the US Copyright Office, we will begin publishing it on this blog, perhaps a one or two chapters at a time.  I am totally sure you will enjoy it, so please check back soon for the launch of this exciting event!

Between now and then — early ballots have been distributed and mailed — I cannot urge you enough to please, please, please exercise your right and VOTE!!! Remember that so many people of the world cannot influence how they are governed — but YOU can!  Regardless of your choice(s) — just please fulfill your responsibility as part of our great fabric — speak up — VOTE!

Look for the beginning of  Serenity: Full Circle soon!

Shalom ….

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