Serenity: Full Circle – List of Characters

As Serenity weaves it story, we thought it would be helpful to provide a list of characters because you are reading the story chapters a few days apart.

Here’s that listing:


      NAME                                 DESCRIPTION                 CONNECTION

1-Marc Bracken Lead character Primary/Retired Capitan
2-Dara Petersen Terrorism/World Security Europol/Senior Agent
3-Matt Sheridan Dead Opening, Hook
4-Eyan Hester Marc’s partner Primary/Retired Capitan
5-McBride  Job, Envoy B.S. Africa. Contact
6-Gen. Marshal Thomas D.C. Black-Op’s Contact D.C. Military Contact
7-Colonel Mike Bach Commander on Coronado Runs SEAL Team #8
8-Harridan Baker Mozambique Connection Australian Expatriate
9-Robin Evans Dive Shop Manager Runs State Side Business
10-Thomas Harridan’s  Handyman Mozambique National
11-Samatar Nadifa Lesotho, Mission Primary Somalia, Warlord
12-Malcolm Benges Governor General British South Africa
13-Kai Bar Maid Hawaii
14-Martin Colby Mega-Rich Tycoon 2ndJob Owns Die/Hex Corp.
15-Ashton Stiles Colby’s Right Hand Man Ex R.A.F. & Corp. Pilot
16-Miguel House man For Colby
17-Ricardo Ruiz Madrid Arms Dealer European Arms Supplier
18-Jok Blake Primary Interpol Agent Anal Retentive/ Spain
19-Mike Mann Sub-Interpol Agent Spain
20-Kirk Mangen Sub-Interpol Agent Spain
21-Hector Delgado Mgr. Faxsilteck/Shipping Valencia, Spain
22-Laurel Covas Colby Granddaughter Abducted Child
23-Miguel Sandoval Estate Protective Driver Ex-National Policia
24-Santana Callas Driver/ in Valencia Works for the Spa
25-Antowan Lagôs Renegade Employee One of Two, Abductors
26-Andrea Crewmen, Orion’s Cradle Abductor
27-Hugo Cook, Orion’s Cradle Cook / Abductor
28-Mike Schell Owner/ SeaBourn Charter Prosthetic/Right leg
29-Nicklaus Marquand Retired, U.S. Politician Father of / Thomas
30-Lanae Marquand Daughter in-law Son’s wife
31-Max Marquand Grandson 12 Year old Grandson
32-Thomas Marquand Nicklaus / Son Works@Cairo/State Dpt.
33-Akil Bishara Ricardo Ruiz / Nephew In Cairo


34-Jacob Rubin State Department/worker In Cairo
35-Omar Akil’s Close Friend In Cairo
36-Asysa Omar’s Daughter In Cairo
37-Asilah Akil’s Mother In Cairo
38-Ara Akil’s Sister/Eyan’s/Lover Cairo
39-Arnesto Garcia Corp. Pilot (Martin’s) Madrid, Spain
40-Jon Meeks C.I.A. Operative Buenos Aires, Argentina
41-Carlos Duarte Human Smuggler / Cartel N. Sonora, Mexico
42-Rafael Arturo Carlos’s  Cousin   Right Hand Man
43-Mulla Jamil Afghan / Terrorist/Leader Taliban / Anarchist
44-Rashid Abdul Second in Command Taliban
45-Miguel Tellez International Arms Dealer Mexicali, Mexico
46-Victor Ramirez Miguel’s Assoc. Mexicali, Mexico
47-Jose Garcia Hotel Night Manager Rocky Point, Mexico
48-Peter Johnson Mike’s Assistant ( Pete ) Serenity Group Member
49-Elena Brinson C.O.O. Die/Hex  IPD Stockholm, Sweden
50-Stan Stenberg Senior Security Manager Stock, Sweden Div.  D/H
51-Jene Mallette Black Op’s-Gun for Hire Sweden Compound Raid
52-Yeon Kwan Maj. Gen. D.P.R.K. Sweden Compound Raid
53-Viktor Karlsson Smarmy Caucasian Sweden Compound Raid
54-Bob Roberts CIA Operative/Sub to Jon On Serenity / DPRK
55-Cliff Johnson CIA Operative/Sub to Jon On Serenity / DPRK
56-Han-bin North Korean Operative DPRK / Friendly
57-Myung-hoon North Korean Operative DPRK / Friendly


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