Thanksgiving Wishes

Some wishes for the Thanksgiving week, but first — some wrap-up.

We now have survived what was the biggest Sucker Punch to come down the pike in some time. It took the majority of America’s collective breath away, as we stared in disbelief at the stunning news that while you could win the popular vote, you can go down in flames — thanks to the members of the Electoral College who, by the way, are supposed to cast their vote(s) to correspond with the majority of voters in their State, except for the states of Nebraska and Maine. Interesting to note that there have been more proposals introduced in Congress to reform or eliminate the Electoral  College, than than on any other subject.  A no brain-er there.

What we saw was an imperfect system — spitting out an imperfect election.

My sense is that we are strong enough to withstand the next four years – we are better than that. But, it will be a time when we will need to be “game on.”  We cannot stop being vigilant. We cannot get too busy to pay attention.  We cannot stop working to get imperfect things working a little better – a little more accountable – a little more responsible. We will need, also, to pay attention to those across the seas who do not share our democratic ideas.  Those that would intentionally inflict harm — both in the physiological form — and in the electronic format.  Both are true threats to us.

We must, too, hope that our allies continue to believe in our strengths and allegiance to them, in spite of what they may see — or hear.  In short, we must believe in ourselves and believe that we can — and will — move forward and make a difference.

There is more light … than darkness.

I would like to wish each and every one of you who take the time to be a part of this conversation — a wonderful Thanksgiving week.  Cherish those around you.

Shalom, peace ….

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