A Message To Our Friends

Our hearts go out to our brothers and sisters in Istanbul who experienced a senseless attack while innocently and joyously celebrating the coming of the New Year.

Terrorists are just thugs and cowards that mirror childhood images of the neighborhood bully.  You know, the one you really wanted to poke in the face. Yeah, that’s him.

But, when we stand up to the gutless wonders of the world who hide behind the skirts of women and hold children up as shields and expose them for what they are — low-life cowards — that’s when we win and that’s when they lose their power.

Istanbul, you are stronger than you feel today.

Join us in melding our beliefs into a common goals — we will be stronger and better than ever before.  All it takes is extending a hand — and we have so many to extend.

To everyone in Turkey – our hearts are with you and we are honored to stand strongly by your side in the midst of your sea of anguish.

We’ve got your six.

Peace …

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