Saying Farewell

On Tuesday evening, January 10th, President Obama will give his farewell speech in his hometown of Chicago after two terms of service.

I hope his farewell message will inspire us to look harder at how we can work together for the mutual benefit of each other and for the well-being and health of our country and its economy.  Nothing should be more important than that.

If we fail in that regard — if we continue to act like children taking sides — we won’t have to worry about Putin — or any other foreign influences — for that matter.  We will have done the job for them.

Yes, clearly, I am an Obama fan, but that doesn’t mean I have always agreed with him.

I have, however, respected that he volunteered for perhaps what is the most difficult job in our country and his commitment has been unswerving.  He has kept the dignity of the office and earned the respect of both our military and intelligence agencies.  And he promises to walk at our side in solidarity as we continue to move forward.  I say you cannot ask for more than that.

So, I will be listening on Tuesday night and undoubtedly feeling somewhat nostalgic — but ready, nevertheless, to turn the page.

Remember, it is our resolve — as American citizens — that gets the job done — every day.

Join me.

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