Amen, Sisters!

Women gathered yesterday to make their voices heard across America in cities such as Washington, New York, Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, Madison, Denver, Park City, Bismark, Phoenix, Seattle, Portland and Los Angeles — from sea to shining sea.  It was the largest protest in U.S. history!

And for our sisters across the world who also participated from places such as Paris, Berlin, Mexico City, Melbourne, London, Rome, Athens, Amsterdam, Sidney, Tokyo and even Antarctica — 670 gatherings around the world with 4.6 million attending!  Thank you all for your solidarity and for helping us get the message out.

Many of you may have voted for our now-President because you felt oppressed — like your voice wasn’t being heard; like no one understood the difficult economic fights you had.  Like your dollar wasn’t going far enough.  Like you were a second-class citizen, never able to reach the next rung up.  Isn’t that why you voted for someone who promised he would fix all of that?  Will he?  Well, the first step would be to acknowledge the message.

Women all over the world have fought those very same tough battles every day. We have consistently been paid less than a man in the same position, even though we may have more education than the man does.  Women are sometimes overlooked or under-represented in positions of power because there is still that perception that women lack strength; that they can’t make tough decisions when called upon to do so; that the Chairman of the Board should have the face of a man, not a woman.  And even, I dare say, that the President of the United States — the most powerful country in the world — should be a man, and not a woman.

The glass ceiling we were so close to breaking, remains intact.  But that doesn’t mean we’re defeated.

Case in point:  Read the signs of the women who gathered:

     Women’s Rights are Human Rights

     Hear Our Voice

     Marching to Protect the Rights for Which Our Mother’s Fought

     Hope Never Fades

     Keep Your Laws Off My Body

     Our Bodies … Our Mind … Our Power

It is time to let old perceptions die.  It is time to open the collective eye and openly acknowledge that we are — after all – one, among a vast sea of humanity, on a bright blue dot in an ever-evolving universe.

Make no mistake gentlemen — we have been heard.  I believe we can and will make a difference.  Hear that message.


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