The Pot That’s Bubbling On The Back Of The Stove

I know, it’s been a while since I’ve posted.  Frankly, it has taken me some time now to wrap my head around our new President and the daily bombing that’s happening in Washington.

Every day, I drive to work listening to 1A on NPR radio as the usual BMW, Lexus and Escalade drivers do their lane-crashing thing as they approach 200 feet of their parking garage.  What? They’ve never driven there before? It’s not that.  It’s just that the rules of the road don’t apply to them — never did.  Our President appears to have the same thought process.  In his mind’s eye, his election was akin to any other corporate conquest he’s achieved.  After all, it’s not like this is a republic formed by the people and for the people.  Hell no.  He Inherited A Mess, he says, and he’s The Only Man In America Who Can Fix It; the Only Man That Can Make America Great Again. He’ll Bring Manufacturing Jobs Back To America.  Let’s stop there.  I’m sorry, Donald, but that train has already left the station.  Come on!  Look around the world.  We’re not the only country experiencing that issue. It is a natural by-product of invention and ingenuity.  High school educations aren’t going to cut it anymore for our young people.  They are going to have to find new ways to contribute to our forward movement and that will likely mean achieving advanced degrees.  How can a man who has been in business as long as Donald Trump has, not see that?  Perhaps it’s a natural by-product of living in an alternate reality.

Let me be honest.  I know why people voted for him — I get it.  People are tired of the same old politics in Washington.  The ones that have produced a paralysis that has gripped and polarized our elected officials to the point where nothing gets done anymore.  Change is good — I agree.  But change for the sake of change is what we got instead — and that kind of change is never productive.

It’s only the first month of Trump’s administration — and personally, I don’t see much “administering” going on.  He’s buried in mire of accusations about his Russian investments which could (and should) suggest at the very least a quid pro quo situation.  He’s refused to produce his tax returns.  Refused to divest himself of his business dealings — clearly dismissing conflict of interest issues.  He’s taken aim at the media because he doesn’t like what they say.  And the people he has chosen to surround himself with? Let’s see how that’s working:

Flynn’s already taken a bullet for the team which has resulted in a sad end to a long career when he was offered up after lying to Pence about his Russian contacts.

Priebus was the next one selected to take one for the team by reaching out to the FBI asking them to publicly disavow news reports.  His career will be short-lived, no doubt.

And don’t count on Rex Tillerson to bail things out overseas.  He is a very savvy and well-seasoned businessman who didn’t get where he is by being a yes-man. Tick him off and he’s liable to turn around and hand back the Secretary of State position and move on.  You know — like mitigating your losses?

Mattis, on the other hand, may be the only stabilizing force out there.  A military officer who, it is reported, often left his ribbons behind for casual wear and who regularly mixed with the enlisted men in his command, generating some strong, vocal (and long-lived) respect.  Trust me, the voices of reason are counting on him to be the only cool head in a sea of turmoil.

Our allies across the seas are sitting with their hands to their mouths like an Oscar audience that just witnessed someone tripping up the stairs.  What will happen next, they wonder?  Well, that’s hard to say when you’re tethered to the coattails of Donald Trump.

There are bad men in the world.  Look at Kim Jong-un, who saw nothing wrong with ordering the death of his half-brother in a public airport using a nerve agent and who is itching to push the button that would launch a Hwasong-10 intermediate-range ballistic missile, capable of carrying a nuclear warhead, that has a range of 1,550 miles.  And there are subversively bad men in the world like Vladimir Putin, an ex-KGB agent, who is ever-so-familiar with the concept of coercion in order to achieve his goals for Russia.

One would think that our President’s thoughts should be more centered on how he keeps America and Americans safe in such a world.  One would think he would have a larger agenda than resorting to picking who is in the press audience.

For the sake of all Americans, Mr. President, get your head out of wherever it is — and start acting like the leader of the greatest democracy in the world!


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