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Did you read James Comey’s written statement of yesterday?  Did you watch his testimony today?  Did it influence or change your mind about the events in question?  It would have been difficult to walk away without acknowledging that his testimony had some type of affect on your thoughts.  For some, it may have not been plausible – for others, it might have been more of a “I told you so”- type of conclusion.

Throughout the original statement, and evidenced again today in the live testimony, was just how badly Donald Trump wanted James Comey to step forward and publicly acknowledge that he was not under FBI investigation.  That’s a pretty big “ask,” especially of someone who is the Director-in-charge of an independent agency whose very foundation is rooted in its independence from the political influences that often find their way into the Executive Branch of our government.

I believe that Mr. Comey is very savvy at reading people.  After all, I don’t think you make it to the Directorship of the Federal Bureau of Investigations being otherwise.  As he has stated, he knew he needed to document – in detail – his conversations with Trump from the get-go.  Trump, at best, has a revisionist’s memory.  If it makes him look more grandiose in the moment, well then, that’s the truth.  If it sheds a poor light on him – never happened.  Fake news.  How many times have we all seen that?

Trump entered the White House believing that it would run the same way as his businesses – you buy whatever it is you want (money’s no object, of course).  Then, once in, you demolish the existing business (that’s those bombs you keep hearing go off) until the playing field is obliterated, and then you firmly ensconce your “people” in place – and you’re on to your next conquest.  Clearly, he was trying to make James Comey one of his “people” when he asked him to be “loyal,” and later, when he suggested that Comey drop the investigation of Flynn.  He simply has no concept that he does not wield such power from that office.  I find it very disturbing and hugely unsettling to think he has such a weak grasp of how our government is run – and even more disturbing – that he has such little respect for the process.

Kudos to our Senate Committee today for proving that you can reach across the aisle and come together when a threat exists against America.  Comey went to great lengths today to express his feelings for our country and to issue a warning that there should be no “fuzz” in that the Russians meddled in our election process – and that they will do so again.  This is a bell I have tried to ring many times in my blogs.  We need to learn how to be stronger, better and smarter than those that threaten our freedom.

So, thank you, Mr. Comey, for putting your reputation at risk, for being willing to sacrifice your job, for your service to our country, and for telling the truth.  Thank you for loving America that much.


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  1. And Thank You Laura for expressing the truth in this mater and I am wondering where do we go from here.

    1. That’s a tough question but I believe there are a lot of James Comey-type people out there and we will find our way! Thank you for taking the time to visit and for leaving your thoughts. Much appreciated!

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