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Hap Brooks asked to serve as a Guest Blogger today.  I would like to invite anyone who would like to add to our discussion here to use this space as our platform.  Here’s his blog:

I couldn’t help but laugh at the breaking news report that said President Trump had called the Former Director of the FBI, Comey, a liar. Amazing, considering this man’s entire professional life had been built on his strict adhesion to integrity throughout.  What has Donald J’s professional history been comprised of, short of his stiffing contractors, and being a bold-faced chronic liar?  Not much.

I really do wonder why he was not beside me in a foxhole in Vietnam.  We are both the same age and I was drafted right in the middle of the war — pardon me – “Police Action.”  There are many adjectives that describe Trump, none of which come from the same side of the tracks that Director Comey’s adjectives come from.

What amazes me is that Small Hands really believes that people like him, as he lives in his make-believe world of fake news and misdirection.  I believe that most of the people that voted for him knew down deep that he was an anchor without a chain.  Most of the people were just tired of the status quo that has prevailed in Washington for years. To be elected anymore, one must be well-planted within the political infrastructure. You first must be beholding to some person or group and/or have a shit pot of money.  Without one or both, the odds of succeeding in politics are nil. With these prerequisites, no one who get elected lives life on the same side of the teeter totter as the rest of us.  Do you really think that any of the Washington crowd, with the exception of a few freshman, have any idea how much a gallon of milk costs or what the average Social Security check will buy after Medicare and the supplements are paid for?  Why should they?  They’re too busy, you know, changing the EPA’s rules and handing more tax benefits to the wealthy — what’s the name they call themselves?  Oh, yeah, the One Percent …..

The system really is bending to the point of breaking.  Actually, I thought it had when the Orange Buffoon was elected.  But now I see it as it really is — business as usual – wearing a different mask.

I don’t think things will change much until some very basic things are adjusted, such as term limits and lobbying.  As far as I’m concerned, we, as the people, should through the government, fund elections.  By this I mean, give qualified candidates “X” amount of election funds and say when it’s gone, you’re done until after the voting is done.  At least no person or group or company would be able to buy a mouthpiece within the governmental power structure.

As you may have guessed, I’m not a Trump fan. However, tomorrow is another day and, I’m sure, filled with more wonderment of the Orange Wiz.

Just understand that we can’t give up, nor can we give in.  This country is much too beautiful and fragile for us to let our guard down.


~~Hap Brooks


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  1. I like your thinking Hap, we should never rationalize anything about him as normal. He sets a horrible example for our country in general and our kids in particular.

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