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Back at the beginning of things, this country invented a marvelous method for people in the colonies to have their voices heard within the central government. Representatives from the various colonies would venture forth to the governmental hub to lobby and convey items of vital importance to the forefathers of this great nation. Considering there were no telephones or internet, it was the only way.  It worked wonderfully and kept things moving in a positive direction.

Skip forward a couple of hundred years and, as usual, few things have failed in that time period to somehow get twisted and/or misdirected.  Now days, instead of the people, in most occasions, it’s the corporations and super-large foundations or groups of the (One Percent) who are the ones that that flood the central governing electorate with bags of money, or benefits, or both, to achieve their items of importance. It now has little to do with the representation of the masses.  There is some lobbying that benefits good organizations, but if all lobbying were done away with there would be much more time and money to be shared with the groups that have good intentions directed at the mainstream of America. Instead, these other groups want the votes for particular items that will help them make more profits.

But we all know, sensible change within our government is something that rarely comes without calamity. We had massive changes after Pearl Harbor and 911, and one again after the great recession of 2008. But most of that dynamic change has been reversed in more recent times.  Money always seems to creep into the cracks of our Congress and Senate and dulls the senses of their abilities to get done what we have elected them to do.

It’s time for this age-old framework of lobbying to simply go away……

R.H. Brooks, Guest Blogger

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