A Compelling Reason For Change

I keep hitting the delete key.  It’s hard to write today, but something I feel strongly that I need to do.  Perhaps if I can only inspire a new thought process in just one person …

The sadness I feel at the loss of 17 beautiful children that were so young, so full of hope for the future, is a sadness that will stay with me forever.

Look at these senseless acts!  Why were they committed? Was it the child who sat in the back of the room, who was never a part of the “popular crowd,” who felt shunned and left out?  Was it the child that no matter what he or she did, praise never came their way, only criticism?  Was it the child who was left behind by parents that couldn’t get along long enough to realize he or she was in the room?  Was it the child that no matter what pinnacle they reached, it was never good enough?  Was it the child that wanted fame and notoriety so badly that such a brutal act as shooting their own peers was considered a worthy task?

Perhaps some – or all of it, sadly.

I would like to say that banning weapons would end the problem, but it won’t.  The choice of weapons will only change – because we haven’t solved the genesis of the issue.  That of helping each and every child belong – equally – and achieve their goals.  That means not leaving anyone behind.  A daunting task, but one that surely needs to be done.

And to the NRA, let me say this to you: This would be your time to step up – a time to say, “Let us find a way to allow our responsible customers to continue to enjoy the use of firearms in the safest of circumstances, while we provide and support gun education and mental health initiatives.  Let us use this as an opportunity to forge a productive partnership with parents.”

That would be a good start, but they’re too busy buying political power to want to do the right thing here.  So, with that being said, let me say it again …

Until and unless we can remove money from U.S. politics, execute term limits, and end lobbying once and for all, history will repeat itself – for we have failed to execute on a reason for change.

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