The Quest for a Memorable Vacation

And so it has begun …. the quest for another knock-out, OMG, one-of-a-kind vacation.  My husband and I went to Tahiti and Bora Bora in 2012 and we’re forever changed.  We saw some of the most beautiful scenes imaginable, swam with the sharks and the stingrays, visited the [rescue] turtle sanctuary, drank heartily at the Miki Miki Bar (my friends were shocked <wink> <wink>), and relaxed more than we ever had.

Now the lure of all of those memories are nudging us to look around for another out-of-the-ballpark experience.  Our little laser pointer as swept back and forth from the Caribbean to the South Pacific.  Where it will land, no one knows.

Pacific Beach and My Husband, the Photographer
Pacific Beach and My Husband, the Photographer

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