So, this week is National Freedom of Information Week.  That gave me some pause.  Where would we be without this cause that was so important to James Madison?  As an author, may I say that the freedom to express ourselves — without recourse — should always be at the forefront of our journey.

Israel / Iran

I had a chance today to listen to Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress on March 3rd.  I found it stirring and insightful.  At least the U.S. and Israel agree on one thing … and that’s that Iran must be held accountable.

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For those of you who’ve read my books, you know how I feel about Israel.  For those who haven’t, I have a deep respect for Israelis and their amazing struggle for existence since their recognition in 1948.  And I disagree with our President that they should go back to their boundaries of 1967.  Why should they? Wouldn’t that mean that all who sacrificed their lives did so in vain  — wouldn’t that just negate their existence?  I think so.

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Let’s none of us forget the sacrifices that many people made in this country 50 years ago.  Those that dreamed of equality, respect, and to be given what they had justly earned.  Obama said today that “they gave millions courage.”  To possess courage in the face of adversity is, indeed, the highest form of courage.